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Seeing the bad roads, the Bhim Army submitted a memorandum to the Deputy District Magistrate, if the road is not constructed soon, the movement will be forced to,,,,

Liyaqat Qureshi (news express)
Roorkee: Seeing the poor condition of the roads, the Bhim Army has made up its mind to agitate. The Bhim Army activists have warned the Deputy District Magistrate by a memorandum that if the construction of barren roads is not done soon, the Bhim Army activists can agitate Bheem Army activists apprised JM Roorkee by letter of demand that large pits have been formed on the Roorkee Lucksar road, due to which accidents are happening on the roads in the coming days and a person is killed in an accident due to broken road. It has gone, but despite this much, the road has not been constructed till date, the state government has been given an application about the said road several times but due to the neglect, the road could not be constructed. If it is not possible, Bhima Army workers will be forced to agitate Parveen Notiyal in the memorandum
(Vidhan Sabha Speaker Khanpur), Robin Singh Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker, Mageram Legislative Assembly In-Charge, Rahul Khan Legislative Assembly Secretary, Narendra Media In-charge Vidhan Sabha Khanpur, Kirat Karnwal State President Representative Haridwar, Anurag Pant Legislative Assembly Speaker Jhabrera, Order Salier Neeraj Mohammadpur, Etc. be involved.

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